A Guide to Hidden Gem: 4220 NE 22nd Pl in Cape Coral, FL – Exploring the Charm of this Florida Address


Hey there, folks! Today, I wanted to take a few minutes to share with you my experience exploring a hidden gem in Cape Coral, Florida. The property in question is located at 4220 NE 22nd Pl, and let me tell you, it’s a real stunner. As a real estate enthusiast and aspiring homeowner, I’m always on the lookout for unique and charming properties, and this one certainly caught my eye.

The Property Website

If you’re anything like me, you’d agree that a property website can be an invaluable resource when it comes to finding your dream home. The website for 4220 NE 22nd Pl certainly doesn’t disappoint. When I stumbled upon it, I was delighted to find a video tour of the property, giving me a comprehensive view of its features and layout.

The Video Tour

Let me tell you, this video tour created by Pinnacle Real Estate Marketing has left me in awe. It’s clear that a great deal of thought and effort has gone into showcasing this property’s unique selling points. As I watched the video, I couldn’t help but be impressed by the attention to detail and the strategic highlighting of the property’s amenities.

Features and Amenities

From the moment you step inside the front door, you’re greeted by a sense of warmth and elegance. The video does a fantastic job of capturing the property’s open-concept living spaces, highlighting the abundance of natural light that floods each room. The well-appointed kitchen is a dream for any aspiring chef, with high-end appliances and ample counter space. And let’s not forget about the luxurious master suite, complete with a spa-like bathroom and a walk-in closet that could easily double as a small boutique.

But it’s not just the interior that impresses. The property boasts a beautifully landscaped backyard, perfect for those warm Florida evenings spent entertaining friends and family. The video showcases a stunning pool area, complete with a refreshing poolside lounge and a pergola that offers a respite from the sun. I can imagine myself spending countless hours relaxing in this tranquil oasis.

Virtual Exploration

What sets this property website apart from others is its ability to allow potential buyers to explore the property virtually. With just a click of a button, I was able to virtually walk through each room, getting a feel for the flow and functionality of the space. It was as if I was there in person, experiencing the property firsthand. For anyone who wants to get a detailed look at 4220 NE 22nd Pl, I highly recommend visiting the property website.


In conclusion, 4220 NE 22nd Pl in Cape Coral, Florida is truly a hidden gem. The property website, with its captivating video tour, offers a comprehensive view of the property’s features and amenities. With Pinnacle Real Estate Marketing at the helm, this video succeeds in showcasing the property’s unique selling points. Whether you’re in the market for a new home or simply enjoy exploring real estate, I encourage you to check out the website and discover the charm of 4220 NE 22nd Pl for yourself.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and click that link. Who knows? This hidden gem might just be the Florida address you’ve been dreaming of.

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