Discover 3305 Little Country Rd, Parrish, FL: An Exquisite Property Worth Exploring


Are you in search of a property that combines luxury and serenity? You’re in luck as 3305 Little Country Rd in Parrish, FL awaits your exploration. This property is nothing short of amazing, with the perfect balance of luxury amenities and tranquility within a serene environment.

The Exquisite Exterior

As you approach the property, you will be mesmerized by its breathtaking beauty. The exterior features of this property are nothing less than stunning, starting with the spacious driveway. It has a stunning stone facade with a dark roof that perfectly complements its exterior design and gives it a grandiose appeal. The landscaping in the surroundings is nothing short of perfect, giving the property the much needed natural touch.

Luxuriously Elegant Interior

The interior of 3305 Little Country Rd will leave you in awe. The architectural design is tailored to give you the ultimate experience of luxury living. As you step into the house, you will immediately notice the high ceilings and the elegant choice of decor. The home boasts an open floor plan, with a spacious living room, kitchen and dining area; making it perfect for family living and hosting guests.

The Kitchen of Your Dreams

The kitchen is a chef’s paradise. It features state-of-the-art stainless steel appliances, custom cabinetry, and an island that comes in handy during food preparation. The countertops are made of marble, giving the kitchen an exquisite touch of elegance. A perfect spot for gathering with family and friends.

Luxurious Bedrooms to Rest and Relax

3305 Little Country Rd features spacious bedrooms that provide the much needed serenity that you need after a long day at work. The bedrooms are not only spacious but also lavishly furnished to make you feel like royalty. The master bedroom features a huge walk-in closet fitted with built-in shelves and plenty of space for storage. The elegant bathroom is just another touch of luxury with dual sinks, a large soaking tub, and a separate shower.

A Perfect Outdoor Oasis

The outdoor area of this luxurious property is another part not worth missing. You can enjoy its outdoor amenities including your own swimming pool, a relaxing entertainment area, and features a stylish outdoor kitchen, complete with a stainless-steel gas grill, cooktop, and a sink – perfect for all your outdoor events.

Experience the Property Virtually

You can fulfill your fantasies and virtually tour 3305 Little Country Rd through the Pinnacle Real Estate Marketing website. A few clicks, and you will be right there, touring the property as if you were there in person. You can also watch a video of the property by clicking on the provided YouTube link. The property website is also available to view, where you can explore the property at your convenience.

Get in Touch With Cynthia Pena

Cynthia Pena, a leading real estate agent, is available to provide more details about the property. For any inquiries, you can contact Cynthia Pena at 941-577-3791. She will give you all the information you need to know about the property, including the best times to schedule an in-person viewing.


3305 Little Country Rd in Parrish, FL is indeed a must-see property. The video, virtual tours, and the website provided, offer you the opportunity to explore and experience this luxurious property in its entirety. From the breathtaking exterior to the extravagantly furnished interior and the outdoor oasis, this property is a dream come true. Cynthia Pena, the real estate agent, can help you learn more about the property and its unique features. Why waste time looking for other properties when you can have it all in 3305 Little Country Rd?

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