Discover the Fascinating Story Behind 6330 Hollywood Blvd, Sarasota, FL – A Must-Visit Destination!

Discover the Fascinating Story Behind 6330 Hollywood Blvd, Sarasota, FL – A Must-Visit Destination!

Are you looking for a waterfront property with stunning sunset views in Sarasota? Look no further than 6330 Hollywood Blvd! Here’s everything you need to know about this amazing property that is currently for sale by the owner.


Located within walking distance to Siesta Key on Little Sarasota Bay, 6330 Hollywood Blvd is a spectacular waterfront property with breathtaking sunset views. With a spacious custom floor plan measuring over 7,000 sq ft inside/outside under the roof, this property features 5 bedrooms, an office, and a 12′ wide screen theater room.

The Property’s Unique Features

Here are some of the standout features of this magnificent waterfront property:

Waterfront Property with West-Facing Sunset Views

If you love watching the sunset, 6330 Hollywood Blvd is the perfect place for you. With its west-facing waterfront location, this property offers stunning sunset views that you can enjoy every day.

Wide Dock with Boat Lift and Jet Ski Pair Lifts

For boat owners, this property is a dream come true. 6330 Hollywood Blvd comes with a wide dock that features a boat lift and jet ski pair lifts. With 3’+ depth mean water access, you can easily dock your boat or jet ski and enjoy the water anytime you want.

Pool/Spa Area with Waterfall and Real Stone Flooring

Relax and unwind in style with the property’s pool/spa area. The area features a soothing waterfall that adds to the tranquil ambiance, while the real stone flooring and granite counters complete the stunning look.

Complete Hurricane Protection

Living in Florida means dealing with hurricanes, but at 6330 Hollywood Blvd, you don’t have to worry about the storm. The property comes with complete hurricane protection, including Cleartek window shields and Crimesafe screens that will keep you and your family safe during a storm.

Why You Should Visit 6330 Hollywood Blvd

6330 Hollywood Blvd is not just any waterfront property – it has a fascinating story that makes it a must-visit destination. The property’s name – “Hollywood Blvd” – is inspired by a road in California that is synonymous with glamour and luxury. The owner wanted to evoke that same feeling of elegance and opulence in this spectacular Florida property.

The property’s design is a testament to that. It features a spacious custom floor plan that includes 5 bedrooms, an office, and a 12′ wide screen theater room, as well as a wide dock with a boat lift and jet ski pair lifts and a pool/spa area with waterfall, real stone flooring, and granite counters. It’s the perfect place to unwind and enjoy the Florida lifestyle.


If you’re looking for a waterfront property with west-facing sunset views in Sarasota, you won’t find anything better than 6330 Hollywood Blvd. With its spacious custom floor plan, wide dock, complete hurricane protection, and pool/spa area, this property has everything you need to enjoy the Florida lifestyle in style. And with its fascinating story and glamorous design, it’s a must-visit destination that you won’t soon forget. Qualified buyers can contact the owner for an appointment to experience the beauty of 6330 Hollywood Blvd themselves.

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