Exploring 160 Coconut Street: A Charming Neighborhood in Port Charlotte, FL


Welcome to 160 Coconut Street, a delightful neighborhood nestled in the heart of Port Charlotte, FL. This article will take you on a virtual tour through this charming area, highlighting its key features and attractions. Whether you are a potential homeowner or simply curious about this locale, keep reading to discover why 160 Coconut Street could be your next dream residence.

Own this 2 bedroom, 2 bath home on a corner lot in Port Charlotte

At 160 Coconut Street, you’ll find a stunning 2 bedroom, 2 bath home situated on a convenient corner lot. The property offers a sense of privacy and tranquility, allowing you to unwind and enjoy the comforts of home. Imagine yourself sipping coffee on the porch, basking in the warm Florida sun, and welcoming guests into your cozy abode.

Spacious and comfortable living space with blinds throughout

Step inside and be greeted by a spacious and comfortable living space. The home’s open layout ensures ample room for relaxation and entertaining. With blinds throughout, you have complete control over the natural light that floods the rooms, adding an extra touch of warmth and comfort to your living experience.

Tile and laminate wood flooring for easy maintenance and cleaning

Once inside, you can’t help but notice the stylish tile and laminate wood flooring that adorns each room. Not only do these flooring options provide a chic and modern aesthetic, but they also make for easy maintenance and cleaning. No need to worry about tedious upkeep—simply enjoy your beautiful home.

Fully equipped kitchen with modern features and ample storage space

The fully equipped kitchen at 160 Coconut Street boasts modern features that will satisfy even the most discerning home chefs. From sleek appliances to generous countertop space, this kitchen has it all. In addition, ample storage space ensures that all your culinary essentials are within easy reach, making cooking a breeze.

Updated master suite with private bathroom for relaxation and privacy

Retreating to the master suite is a true pleasure in this home. The updated design provides a serene and luxurious atmosphere for ultimate relaxation. The private bathroom offers a tranquil oasis where you can unwind after a long day. You deserve a space that exudes comfort and privacy, and 160 Coconut Street delivers exactly that.

Newer roof for cost savings on repairs and insurance

One of the standout features of this property is its newer roof. This addition brings not only aesthetic appeal but also practical benefits. With a sound roof, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll save on costly repairs and insurance fees in the long run. It’s just another reason to make 160 Coconut Street your forever home.

Public water and new septic system installed in 2022 for reliable service

The convenience of public water and a new septic system should not be underestimated. At 160 Coconut Street, you can enjoy reliable service without the worry of interruptions. The recent installation of the septic system ensures that you can focus on creating lifelong memories in this charming neighborhood without any concerns about water supply.

Handicap ramp to front entrance and family room with washer, dryer, and guest bath

Accessibility is a key feature of this home, with a convenient handicap ramp leading to the front entrance. This thoughtful addition allows for easy entry and exit for individuals with mobility needs. Inside, you’ll find a family room equipped with a washer, dryer, and guest bath, further enhancing the functionality and comfort of this remarkable property.


In conclusion, 160 Coconut Street offers an incredible opportunity to own a piece of paradise in Port Charlotte, FL. With its spacious living areas, updated interior, and convenient features, this home is truly a gem. Explore the charming neighborhood and discover why this could be the ideal place for you to call home. Don’t miss out on the chance to own a piece of real estate in this delightful corner of Florida. Make 160 Coconut Street your new address today.

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