Exploring 16421 Co Rd 675 in Parrish, FL: A Unique and Charming Find

Exploring 16421 Co Rd 675 in Parrish, FL: A Unique and Charming Find


Parrish, located in sunny Florida, is home to a one-of-a-kind property that is sure to steal your heart. This property, located at 16421 Co Rd 675, is a unique and charming find that is perfect for nature lovers and those who value privacy.

Property Features

Upon arrival, you will be struck by the property’s expansive grounds, complete with lush greenery and mature trees. The property is surrounded by a wooden fence that adds an extra layer of privacy and seclusion.

The home itself boasts a spacious front porch that is perfect for relaxing and enjoying the beautiful Florida weather. The porch is a perfect vantage point to watch the sun rise and set as well as catch a glimpse of the local wildlife.

Inside the property, you will find a cozy and rustic living room complete with a fireplace and vintage furnishings. The living room exudes an inviting ambiance that is perfect for hosting intimate gatherings with friends and family.

The kitchen is fully equipped with modern appliances that will make cooking a breeze. The adjacent dining room is big enough to accommodate a large family or a group of friends. You will also find an additional living area that can serve as a playroom or a lounge area.

The bedrooms are located upstairs and boast stunning views of the property’s lush surroundings. Each bedroom is fitted with comfortable bedding and ample storage space.

Video Tour

Pinnacle Real Estate Marketing has created a video tour of the property that showcases its unique charm and features. The video is brief but manages to provide an adequate overview of the property’s selling points.

The video features a background music score that complements the visuals and adds to the serene and peaceful ambiance. However, contact information is not provided, making it difficult to get more information if you are interested in the property.


In conclusion, 16421 Co Rd 675 in Parrish, FL is a unique and charming property that is perfect for those seeking privacy and proximity to nature. The property’s expansive grounds, cozy living spaces, and rustic charm make it a perfect retreat for couples and families alike.

Whether you are looking for a weekend getaway or a new permanent residence, this property is definitely worth exploring. Contact Pinnacle Real Estate Marketing today to get more information about this charming and unique find!

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